03/30/2016Snack Food Association Rebrands, Changes Name
The Snack Food Association, Arlington, Va., announced that it changed its name on March 21 as part of a complete rebranding effort that also revises its logo. The new name is SNAC International. Disclosed at the SNAXPO conference in Houston, the change reflects the evolution of the snack food industry and a way to address the changing marketplace with an identity that emphasizes snacking's increasing importance in daily life.

Founded in 1937 as the Potato Chip Institute, the group says food manufacturers are offering many new snack choices in quick, convenient options that fit busy consumer lifestyles. "The snack food industry is changing and our association is leading the way," adds SNAC International president and CEO Tom Dempsey. "This update reflects the ever-broadening snack category in the marketplace, which includes both classic snack products such as potato chips, pretzels and popcorn, along with 'better for you' options like bars, nuts, and dried fruit snacks."

The SNAC International name and logo reaffirm the organization's status as the premier advocate for the snack food industry, representing more than 400 snack manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The association's mission is to create resources that fuel and reinforce value for its members by offering services and relationship building forums for members in support of industry growth and dynamic relevance. SNAC International accomplishes its mission through government relations, education, and networking access.

The new tagline, "Snacking. Nutrition. Convenience.", conveys the three key tenants of its members' brands. This also represents the evolution of today's consumer, who is interested in both convenient, healthier options, as well as traditional snack products. The addition of "International" recognizes the organization's expanding position serving current and prospective snack maker members who do business in other countries or are seeking to expand to the global market.

the date: Friday, April 22, 2016
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