History of Iran Essence Company (IEC)


(IEC) has been active since 1962 and involved in developing market expansion worldwide.

Our production activities are differentiates in three sub-categories:

A) Flavorings

B) Food Colors

C) Fragrances

We are constantly improving our quality to offer a wide range of choices and applications to our customers via dedicates scientific staff to be a prime leader in our fields for domestic and international markets and a reliable source and partner for our end users.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction and to create optimum solutions for their needs.

Stringent quality is the first step in our product development aligned with up to date regulatory requirements, production standards and after sales feedback and support.

Visionary creative process, packaging, pricing policy, ongoing consultation and on time delivery belong to our day to day work routine,  a modest advantage offered to separate us from others.

It is proud privilege that top ranking companies belong to our confidential list of work references.


Advantages of IEC liquid (water base) food coloring

· Ease of use for production line personnel.

· Best dispersion result for mixing with product base.

· Most suitable for all kinds of beverage mixes and paste bases.

· Stability in cold and heated product mix.

· Long lasting shelf life up to two years.

· Precise dosage strength of 1/1000.

· Packing based on Customer’s request (As per Gallon or PET)

· Product durability (High longevity of product)

· Matching the product with Standard of Purchaser’s country (Country’s Health Ministry)

· Large variety in Color range (also customer made to measure color spectrum can be designed)

· Usable in all Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Sanitary industries

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