Tala-Kooleh Stew
This stew is one of the most popular stews in Gilan (A province in Iran) and is very delicious.
Required Material:
Chicken or Beef Meat: 1.5 Kg
Rice Flour: 1 Spoon
Water: 3 Glasses
Chopped Parsley: 150gr
Walnut: 300gr
Mint: 150gr
Coriander: 150gr
Verjuice: 1 Measure
Oil: 4 Spoons
Fried: 4 soup spoons
Salt and Pepper: As needed

Preparation Method:
Tala-Kooyeh Stew can be prepared with chicken or beef meat. If chicken meat is used, local people call it Frog Tala-Kooyeh Stew. Tala-Kooyeh stew is a kind of Fesenjan Stew with fragrant vegetables which are very pleasant.
If beef meat is used, it is better not to have bone. Wash chicken or beef meat very well and together with fried onion and three glasses of water, put them in a metal-bowl and put in on fire with mild fire until it is completely cooked.
Chop the vegetable (parsley, mint, and coriander) very well and fry the fragrant vegetable with four spoons of oil and pour them in the bowl of meat.
Grind the walnut and add to the stew then add salt, pepper, and verjuice as you desire.
Dissolve rice flour with a little cold water and add to the stew little by little. Put the lid of the bowl and have the stew well-cooked and eat it with white rice.
the date: Tuesday, May 3, 2016
بستن پنجره