Sesame Stew with Chicken and Beef Meat
Sesame Stew with Chicken Meat

Required Materials:
Power of Sesame: 2 measures
Chicken breast: 300gr
Baked Squash: 1 measure
Fried onion: 1 measure
Pomegranate paste: 1/3 of measure
Sugar: 1/2 of measure
Butter: As needed
Salt and Turmeric: As needed
Water: 4 measures

Preparation Method:
Slightly fry butter and chicken breast meat. Add turmeric and then sesame to it and very slightly fry it (If fried so much, it burns and becomes bitter), then add water and squash and have it boiled. Turn down the fire and let it cook and boil for 1.5 hour. At the end we add salt, sugar, and pomegranate paste and let the stew become well-cooked for about half an hour.

Sesame Stew with Beef Meat:
Required Materials:
Onion: 2 average size
Oil: As needed
Sheep meat: 500gr
Turmeric: 1 Spoon
Water: 3 to 4 measures
Powdered and Roasted Sesame: 500gr
Pomegranate Paste: 500gr
Salt: As needed
Sugar: 1 Spoon if desired

Preparation Method:
First chop the onion and slightly fry them in oil, then add beef meat and turmeric. After frying them, pour the water and let it be cooked. When the meat is half-cooked, add sesame so that it cooks with meat and onion and become well-cooked.
 This stew, like Fesenjan Stew needs to be so cooked that its oil comes out on the surface. At the end, add pomegranate paste and salt and have it boiled and well-cooked. This stew can be eaten with rice. If desired, you can add some sugar to it.
the date: Tuesday, May 3, 2016
بستن پنجره